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all the best lies are told with fingers tied

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i think i know
I'm pretty simple, really. My name's Lacey. I'm twenty years old and I go to college at the University of Central Florida for Musical Theatre. My family lives in Blue Ridge, Georgia along with my boyfriend Evan. I love it up there and try to go as often as I can. I'm pretty nice and easy to get along with, so if we have similar interests and stuff, I probably wouldn't go all crazy elite on you if you tried to friend me. ;] I have friends who I adore (you know who you are) and I love having crazy adventures, listening to new music, drawing, writing, and just being chill!

I've had this journal for so long... probably since freshman year of high school. But I haven't written anything for years. So I've decided to bring it back! It'll be pretty sparatic, and it's friends only! Warning: for your own good, I'm kinda crazy sometimes! Also, I own filmthreads, a film fashion community on livejournal that you all should check out. I'm also a member of hogwarts_elite.